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        Utah Medicals' Femcare? subsidiary is recognized for its leading global brand the Filshie? Clip System – the first choice for female surgical contraception.

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        Quality Commitment

        With a clear commitment to continuous quality improvement, Utah Medical takes pride in effectively responding to our customers' specialized needs.

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        Global Reach

        Expanding the availability of its life-saving specialty medical devices across the globe, Utah Medical has established relationships with more than 300 international distributors.

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        Liberty from Incontinence

        The Liberty? Pelvic Floor Stimulation System is an easy-to-use and effective non-surgical treatment for stress, urge and mixed urinary incontinence.

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        In 1Q 2019 Utah Medical Products, Inc. maintained excellent profitability, with a Gross Profit Margin of 63.1% and a Net Income Margin of 29.2%.

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        UTMD News

        May 7, 2019 - Utah Medical Products, Inc. Announces Quarterly Dividend.
        Apr 25, 2019 - UTMD Reports Financial Performance for First Quarter 2019.

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        Critical Care






        Cervical Balloon Ripening

        The new?CVX-Ripe??cervical ripening catheter provides simultaneous gentle pressure at the internal and external os, and within the cervical canal to improve the favorability of the cervix during induction of labor.

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        Suprapubic Catheterization

        The Supra-Foley??is now available direct from Utah Medical Products. Achieve suprapubic bladder catheterization in a single step, with confidence provided by confirmation of bladder access...

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        Nutri-Cath? with ENFit?

        NOW AVAILABLE! An ENFit? Family of Enteral Only feeding catheters, extension sets, and syringes. The trusted safety and reliability of Nutri-Cath? catheters with new ENFit? enteral only connections.

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        Uterine Balloon Tamponade

        A systematic, stepwise approach to managing postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) includes use of the BT-Cath? balloon tamponade catheter.

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        Illumination of the Cervix

        The OptiSpec? ultra-bright LED light provides a pure white light spectrum in a small, clip-on disposable package for excellent non-colposcopic illumination of the cervix.

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        Finesse?+ Electrosurgical Generators are the only systems with integrated smoke evacuation. Their unique electronic design improves results for office-based procedures of gynecologists and other medical specialties.

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